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Service Review: Glock Grip Stippling

Service Review:


My Glock 19 Gen 3 prior to having work performed

Recently, I decided to jump on the Glock Grip Stippling bandwagon.  In an effort to improve the ergonomics of my gun, I sent it off to have Matt at 5BGunWorx do some work to the gun.  I had been tossing the idea of having some kind of stippling done to the gun in question for well over a year, but was unsure where to send it, or who to have do the work.  One of the many Facebook pages that I am a member of is dedicated to Glocks of all sorts, and someone was asking about having grip work done.  Matt’s name was mentioned, as well as his price levels, and I contacted him to get setup on one gun.

Matt is a great guy to talk to, he’s always been quick to answer any question that I might have had.  He explained how his process worked, and why he required a down payment more than 6 weeks before he wanted to see my gun.  I pulled the trigger on having the work done sometime in late October, and was scheduled to have my firearm him the second week in December.  In between, I was sent the work order sheet, and told that all work would be done per the sheet.


The week before my gun was scheduled to be worked on, I shipped it off to Matt via my FFL.  My package was delivered to Matt on a Saturday, the work was done on Monday, and I had the gun back in my hand the following Friday.  All told, I was without my pistol less than two weeks!  Matt kept me apprised of what was happening all the way through the process.  I got my Glock 19 back and could not be happier with the way that it turned out.


I’ve elected to have Matt work on several more of my Glocks, including chopping one of my Glock 17s to accept Glock 19 magazines.  I put a down payment on that work just before the new year.  My guns are scheduled to be in Matt’s hands the first week in September.  If you have ever considered having work done, I can’t recommend Matt and 5BGunWorx enough.

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Zero Tolerance Knives

Red Ghost is attempting to become a Zero Tolerance knife dealer.  Several of the people instrumental to the day to day operation of the shop, and people that I bounce ideas off of all carry and utilize Zero Tolerance (ZT) knives.  I’ve always been a fan of great gear, and gear that is going to hold up, no matter how hard I use it.  I’ve never had my ZT knife fail me.  As such, I floated the idea of becomin
g a ZT dealer to several of the guys at the shop.  We were all on board, and we are attempting to build a pre-order for knives so that we can qualify as a ZT dealer.  If you’re interested in more info on the knives, visit their website, send us a message on Facebook, give us a shout on the phone, or just come into the store.  Pre-orders run through the end of the month!  Unfortunately, we cannot advertise pricing, however, rest assured that you will not find a better advertised price available.



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Of Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

An essay well worth reading, this one is written by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.  Dr Grossman talks about those people who go through life with their heads buried in the sand, those who would prey upon the first group, and those who would stand up to the second and protect the first.  Very interesting analysis.