Our History

Our story starts in July of 1949, with the birth of our founder.  After graduating high school, Terry served in the US Air Force, being assigned to the 417th Tactical Fighter Squadron, which was stood up during World War II as the “Red Dorques,” with dorque being French for ghost.  When Terry started the gun shop out of his home, in 1990, while searching for a name and logo for the gun shop, Terry borrowed from his past for both.  However, in a move that we are grateful for every time we answer the phone, Terry decided that saying “Red Dorque Gun Shop” on the phone might be a little awkward, so he Americanized the name to Red Ghost Gun Shop.  At the same time, he also modified the patch from the air force unit, replacing the bomb with a bullet, as fired from a rifle.  The logo has gone through a couple of small modifications, but has stuck close to its roots.  The shop moved to its present location in March of 1996.  We have continued to grown since, and we are excited for the future, and the changes that it will bring for us!