I am a resident of the state of Indiana, what are the requirements to purchase a firearm at your store?

First, you must not be a prohibited person under federal or state law.  You must provide proof of identity and address, fill out an ATF 4473 background check form, pass the background check and pay for your firearm.  There are no registration requirements in the state of Indiana, and there is no mandatory waiting period prior to taking possession of your gun.</>

I am not a resident of the state of Indiana, can I buy a gun in your store?

Yes – with some conditions.  If you purchase a handgun from us, it must be shipped to a dealer in your home state and the background check, etc will be performed by them.  If it’s a long gun, then yes, we can sell it to you, provided we follow the laws of both states (Indiana’s and your home states.)  For example:  Residents of IL are still required to have an FOID card, and must wait 24 hours prior to taking possession of their firearm.  We may not be 100% certain of your state laws, so we may have to do some research and / or may opt to ship the gun to a dealer of your choice, at your expense.

Is it legal to carry a loaded rifle on your person in Indiana?

Yes – But unless you fall within certain circumstances, you’re going to get funny looks at a minimum and quite possibly a whole bunch of attention from law enforcement.

Is it legal to carry a loaded handgun on your person in Indiana.

Yes – Provided you have applied for an obtained an Indiana license to carry a handgun (LTCH).

Can I transport a handgun in my vehicle without a Indiana LTCH?

Yes – Under certain conditions.  Make sure you know them, and fall within them.  Keep the ammunition separate from the firearm, and make sure that you have access to neither (if possible.)

How do I apply for my Indiana LTCH? How much does it cost?

Information about applying for your LTCH can be found on the Indiana State Police’s website at www.in.gov/isp and the LTCH information is here: www.in.gov/isp/2829.htm

What sources do you use to verify where carrying your handgun is legal?

Personally, I prefer www.handgunlaw.us but I’m not a lawyer, and you may want to check with a lawyer in whatever state you’ll be visiting!

Where can I go to shoot?

Daniel Boone Gun Club

Daniel Boone Gun Club

Indiana Highway 62 Between Evansville & Chandler on the North Side of the highway.

Description from the website:  “We have 100-yard and 200-yard backstops, and there is a berm at about 110 yards from the firing line to back up the 25-yard and 50-yard target lines.  We regularly host bullseye pistol competitions and precision rifle competitions.  We have an informal pistol league that meets at the range on Tuesdays at 6PM during daylight savings time months to shoot a National Match Course of Fire for .22 caliber and centerfire pistols.  We also have a manual, fixed position clay thrower at the west end of the firing line.”

Evansville Gun Club

Evansville Gun Club

5010E 1150S Haubstadt, IN 47639

Description: A shotgun, sporting clays, trap and field range located just north of the Vanderburgh county line in Gibson county, between Highway 41 and I-69.  Evansville gun club is open to the public, and memberships are available.  More information can be found on the clubs website.

Izaak Walton League - Evansville Chapter

Izaak Walton League – Evansville Chapter

Description from the Izaak Walton website: “The Evansville Chapter was established in 1945.  The clubhouse was built at the current location in 1988 and was extensively renovated in 2010.  Facilities include 2 trap fields, 2 skeet fields, a 5-stand sporting clays range, pistol range, rifle range, and several stripper pits for fishing.”

Red Brush Rifle Range

Red Brush Rifle Range

3299 West Eble Road, Newburgh, IN 47630

Description from the Red Brush website: “Red Brush Rifle Range is a full-featured rifle range in Southern Indiana, just east of Evansville.

The range consists of a 500 yard rifle bay, a 375 yard rifle bay, a 100 yard rifle/pistol bay, and 4 additional pistol bays (with ranges of 50-100 yards). View range photos here.

We are host to numerous competitive shooting events, including high-power rifle, submachine gun, handgun and rifle silhouette, .22 bowling pin shootingsteel shootingIPSCIDPA, and SASS (cowboy) matches. While we don’t have formal trap or skeet setups, members are free to bring their own traps and practice their shotgun skills.

While visitors are welcome at sanctioned shooting events, unlimited access to the range requires club membership.”

Right to Bear Arms

Right to Bear Arms

265 E. 925S. Haubstadt, IN 47639

Description from the website: “At Right to Bear Arms, we aren’t just a gun shop or hunting store. We have two full indoor gun ranges and archery ranges for you to use.

Both ranges are indoor and fully equipped for target practice, precision shooting and shooting instruction. You can bring your own fire arms or rent some of ours to practice in the range.

Our firearm range is made for personal use. You are separated from the next shooter by two stainless steel walls, equipped with table to place your ammo and guns on for comfortable shooting. Ear and eye protection is required and can be purchased if needed.

Right to Bear Arms just added a full archery range. If you want to get some practice in with your compound or cross bows before hunting season, come check out our range. We can help you tune your bow for more precise shooting.
Both of our ranges are managed by our trained staff and have range officers on duty at all times.

Our ranges are open from 10:00AM – 7:00PM Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Saturday and 12:00PM – 6:00PM on Sunday. The whole family is welcome and we look forward to seeing you at Right to Bear Arms!”

Uncle Rudy's Indoor Range

Uncle Rudy’s Indoor Range

5000 Plaza East Blvd.  Evansville, IN 47715

Description from the Uncle Rudy’s Website: “Uncle Rudy’s is Evansville’s only indoor shooting range.

At Uncle Rudy’s our goal is to provide a safe, family-friendly environment to learn gun safety, where beginners and experts can feel comfortable and enjoy shooting sports in the Evansville tri-state. Our staff are highly trained, skilled NRA instructors who want to take the time to educate each and every person who walks in our doors.

Uncle Rudy’s is locally owned by John & Melissa Rudolph. John and Melissa want to share their love of shooting sports by providing a facility that has a family friendly atmosphere.”

West Side Sportman's Club / WSSC

West Side Sportsman’s Club / WSSC

1000 N. Peerless Rd. Evansville, IN 47712

Description from the WSSC website:  “The West Side Sportsman’s Club is situated on the west side of Evansville, IN on Peerless Road, between Hogue and Upper Mt. Vernon Roads.  The West Side Sportsman’s Club offers its members a convenient, several-acre venue for many outdoor activities, including archery, fishing, and various shooting disciplines.

In addition, Members enjoy the spacious setting for various family activities, as well as just hanging out with fellow sportmen after a hard day’s work.

The Club offers a convenient distraction from the stresses of everyday life.”