Our Team


Red Ghost is the product of more than 2 decades of Terry’s hard work.  He single handedly built the business from nothing into the shop that we have today.  Prior to opening the gun store in it’s present location, Terry worked for Koch Label company and retired from there after XX years.  Terry was also active on the German Township Fire Department, with more than 14 years of active service, including the rank of Division Chief, and many more years on the board of directors for the fire department.  As Terry approaches retirement from the gun shop as well, we wish him nothing but the best on any future endeavors.

Terry has a strong interest in target shooting, both rifle and pistol, cowboy action shooting, and metallic reloading of ammunition.  Terry is an active member of the West Side Sportsman’s Club.


Ashley is primarily a behind the scenes person at the shop, although things would absolutely not work without her time and efforts.  Ashley is a driving force behind making sure that the gun shop stays in compliance with state and federal law, as well as ensuring that the bills all get paid on time!


Jim has been affiliated with Red Ghost since he moved to Evansville in May of 2007.  Having originally grown up in the state of New Jersey, where the 2nd Amendment is constantly under attack, Jim was looking for a new gun store to call “home.”  After visiting the rest of the shops in the Evansville area, Jim found a place to call home at Red Ghost.  As a frequent customer who enjoyed spending time at the shop, Terry asked for Jim’s help assisting customers with the surge in demand after the presidential election of 2008.  Jim started working part time at the gun shop when Terry was out of town, or otherwise unable to work and began assisting with stocking inventory at the store when schedules would allow.  Jim bought into the shop as a partner in June of 2015, and purchased the business from Terry in September 2016.

When not at the gun shop, Jim works full time as a paramedic / firefighter for Scott Township Fire Department.  He also volunteers as a firefighter / EMT for Perry Township Fire Department.  Jim is a member at the West Side Sportsman’s Club where he enjoys shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns.  Jim continues to try to find time to learn to reload, and to shoot competitively.


Neel is a new hire at the gun shop who will largely be responsible for special order materials, and bulk sales of ammo.  Neel works full time for the Deaconess Health System in security.  Neel is also a competative shooter, in both rifle and pistol disciplines, including IDPA and precision rifle.  Neel is an active member at Red Brush Rifle Range and West Side Sportsman’s Club, where he chairs the Rifle and Pistol Range Committee.  Neel is an avid outdoorsman, has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the scouts, and remains active in scouts.  He’s also Jim’s go to guy for all things precision rifle related.


Matt is relatively new to the scene at the gun shop, having started in September 2016.  As Terry begins to retire and take less of a roll at the shop, Matt is anticipating stepping up into a primary roll in the day to day operations of the gun shop.  Matt currently works full time at the Evansville Regional Airport as a safety officer and firefighter.  Matt also serves as a Lieutenant on Perry Township Fire Department.  Matt is an avid hunter / shooter and enjoys reloading for both pistol and rifle.