Meet the Instructors

John McQuay began his career in 1994 by joining the United States Marine Corps. He served five and a half years on active duty as a Rifleman, Squad Automatic Rifleman, Radio Operator, Marine Scout Sniper and Jungle Warfare Instructor. He received instruction in Close Quarter Battle, Handgun Marksmanship, Long Range Rifle, Urban Reconnaissance, Field Expedient Communications, Improvised Explosives, Forward Observer/Forward Air Controller, Survival, Escape and Evasion.

After leaving the Marines, John joined the Evansville Police Department as a Patrol Officer. He earned a position on the EPD Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team first as an entry team member and then as a Sniper. John also held a position as a Firearms Instructor for the Department. He is currently a Motor Patrol Supervisor and holds the rank of Sergeant.

John holds multiple certifications to include:

Marine Scout Sniper
NRA Certified Law Enforcement Precision Rifle Instructor

NRA Certified Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor
Sig Academy Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor
Action Target Shoot House Instructor
Simunition FX Instructor
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Basic Sniper/Observer
Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Advanced Sniper Observer
Remington 700 Armorer
Glock Armorer

Ashley Mascenik is new at Red Ghost. A Spencer County native, she moved to Evansville several years ago. She is a mom of 2 girls, a wife of a US Navy Veteran, and a strong 2nd Ammendment advocate.
Ashley has 6 years of experience working with female gun owners of all backgrounds and experience levels, 4 of those years as an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. She specializes in coaching beginner females in a non-intimidating and non-judgmental environment. Ashley also has experience helping women decide what method of concealed carry will work best for their body type and individual needs.


Neel Burnett is an Evansville, IN native.  His full-time job is Security Coordinator at a local hospital.  Neel is a BSA Eagle Scout and Venturing BSA Silver Award recipient. Some of his favorite activities in Scouting were, wilderness survival, first aid, orienteering and land navigation, and backpacking. Neel has many years of experience in competition shooting in the areas of Long-Range Precision Rifle and IDPA.  Neel is also experienced in what it takes to host a shooting competition as a Range Officer and Match Director.  Neel has been an NRA Certified Handgun instructor and Range Safety Officer for since 2016.   He has experience training in both the group and individual settings.  When not working or training Neel enjoys time in the outdoors hiking, hunting, and trying his hand at outdoor photography.  

Neel’s Certifications Include:

  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Firearms Safety in the Home Instructor
  • Glock Armor
  • IAHSS Basic Training Certificate
  • IAHSS Advanced Training Certificate
  • IAHSS Certified Healthcare Security Supervisor
  • Stop the Bleed