Red Ghost Gun Shop now offers one on one training opportunities as well as “firearms” fitting for customers. We have assembled a team of individuals to provide top level instruction to satisfy the education requirements of gun owners in the Evansville area. Rates for providing this training will vary based on who does the actual instructing, as well as what topics are covered.



Upcoming Classes:

AR-15 Carbine Intro Class – November 28 2020 – Instructed by John McQuay III


Classes that we are planning on offering:

Handgun:  Intro, Intermediate, Advanced, Red Dot, CCW

Rifle:  Intro Carbine, Intermediate Carbine, Intro Precision, Intro Hunter, Basic Ballistics

Shotgun:  Defensive, Hunting

Other (non-Shooting):  Ditch Medicine, Land Navigation, Outdoor Survival / Camping, Reloading

We’ll update this page with instructor bios as we get them back from the instructors.

If you’d like more information about classes, or would like us to reach out to you for training, please fill out the form below: