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Our goal at Red Ghost is to be your first choice for firearms and firearm accessories, and we strive to keep items in stock; however, at our size, it is not always possible to stock every item that you may need. We would appreciate the opportunity to special order any item that we do not currently have in stock, but understand that sometimes availability is limited and a dealer transfer is necessary.  In these cases, we strive to make the whole process as painless as possible.  Take a few minutes to review our transfer policy and fees. If you would like to proceed with the transfer, please fill out the transfer form and we will call you as soon as your item is ready to be picked up!


Transfer Policy

For the Customer
  • We prefer that all shipments start at an FFL.  For transfers received from a non-FFL, an extra $25 surcharge will be added to the transfer fee.
  • Customer must fill out electronic Transfer Form before firearm is shipped to Red Ghost.  Failure to fill out the transfer form will result in an extra $25 surcharge on the transfer fee.
  • A separate form is required for each item transferred.
  • No FFL information will be provided to a private individual for personal firearm transfers.
  • The shipping FFL must make contact with us requesting our FFL information.
For the FFL
  • Per federal law and our company’s policy, we require that the transferring FFL must make contact requesting our FFL prior to shipping any firearms.
  • FFLs will be confirmed with the FBI FFL EzCheck prior to providing our FFL to another dealer.
  • When transferring firearms to Red Ghost please include a copy of your FFL along with an invoice.
  • Invoice should include customer information (name, phone number, order #)  and firearm information (make, model, serial number and purchase date)

If you have any questions please email


  • $25 per firearm
  • $75 for NFA item + $25 for SilencerShop to process the Form 4
  • $25 surcharge if items are ordered without checking availability at Red Ghost*
  • $25 surcharge for shipments received without a transfer form request.*
  • $25 surcharge for items received from a non-FFL holder.*
  • $25 surcharge for items that can be readily ordered through Red Ghost.*
  • $25 surcharge for items received that we currently have in stock.*
  • $25 surcharge for items received from a large online retailer.**

* Fees and surcharges specified above “stack” to determine the total transfer fee.
**Red Ghost Gun Shop prefers not to do transfers from major online retailers like “Bud’s Gun Shop” and “Cheaper Than Dirt” as they rely on small shops like us in order to do the majority of the legwork in getting your item to you, while keeping the majority of the profit for selling the gun.  Furthermore, they are not able to procure anything that Red Ghost is not able to order directly.  If we are unable to get the item for you, however, we will do the transfer for you with no additional charge.
***Red Ghost reserves the right to change or modify this fee schedule at their sole discretion.

Fees Updated 05.13.2020 @ 1200

Transfer Form