Red Ghost Gun Shop received its APLazer 18″ x 12″ open architecture CO2 laser engraving machine in April 2018, and soon thereafter launched Red Ghost Custom Engraving. Our goal upon purchasing the engraver was to offer custom engraving on gun stocks – just another service we could provide our customers. Now that we’ve seen all that it can do now, we’re doing a little bit of everything! See below for a list of materials we can work with, and photos of some projects we’ve done so far. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Wood                                    Rubber
Granite                                  Wood Veneer
Acrylic                                   Fiberglass
Glass                                    Tile
Coated/Painted Metals         Plastic – excluding PVC-based materials
Ceramic                                Anodized Aluminum
Cloth                                     Stainless Steel *
Leather                                 Brass *
Marble                                  Titanium *
Melamine                              Bare Metals *

*CO2 lasers can mark bare metals when coated with a metal laser marking material (LMM) solution.

2nd Amendment

Glock Magazine

Grilling Utensils – Wood Background

Home is where your mom is




Shannonigans Tile

Slide Engraving


Signs Cropped

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