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Red Ghost Online

Red Ghost online allows customers to purchase products from anywhere in the USA. The inventory on the website does NOT reflect inventory in the store – only a small selection of items, new old stock, and training services are available for purchase on the website here. If you are looking to confirm that we have a particular item in stock, and what it’s price is, please do not hesitate to call us directly at (812) 963-8150.

Red Ghost Silencer Shop

Red Ghost @ SilencerShop automatically selects Red Ghost as your preferred dealer when browsing the products on SilencerShop’s online page. Ordering a suppressor this way will automatically select Red Ghost as your dealer of transfer (we’ll hold your suppressor while the ATF does their thing with the Form 4). Red Ghost does have a SilencerShop Kiosk and can help you get fingerprinted, photographed, etc. to make purchasing your suppressor as painless as possible (except the wait, we can’t do anything about that!)

Red Ghost is now powered by silencer shop. Shop their entire inventory and have your suppressor shipped to us at no extra charge.


While we would much prefer to sell you a firearm directly, but we understand for a variety of reasons that this may not always be possible. Please use this link to review our transfer policy, and to fill out a transfer request.

Red Ghost Gun Shop Evansville Indiana

Custom Engraving

Several years ago we spun off a custom laser engraving business. Follow this link to see some of the exciting projects that we have completed through that shop and to reach out to our crew there and see if they can make something custom for you!

Learn about Red Ghost Custom Engraving and what they can engrave for you!