The 52-gun raffle supports Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Ohio Valley chapter.  Tickets are no longer being sold.  Rules of the raffle, the gun list, and announced winning number, are listed below.


    DATE        NUMBER     NAME          VIDEO LINK

06/05/2017         231         John E.             Week 1

06/12/2017         365         Bob O.              Week 2

06/19/2017         098         Brian P.             Week 3

06/27/2017         429         Michael M.        Week 4

07/03/2017         697         Donald P.          Week 5

07/10/2017         589         Bill K.                Week 6

07/17/2017         768         John E.             Week 7

07/24/2017         457         Roger S.           Week 8

07/31/2017         462         Steve K.            Week 9

08/07/2017         791         Eric M.             Week 10

08/14/2017         257         Matt R.             Week 11

08/21/2017         446         Kirk D.              Week 12

08/28/2017         436         Luke Y.             Week 13

09/04/2017         614         David T.            Week 14

09/11/2017         382         Tim R.               Week 15

09/18/2017         498         Gary G.             Week 16

09/25/2017         800         Mike W.             Week 17

10/02/2017         896         Bryce W.            Week 18

10/09/2017         338         Barb S.             Week 19

10/16/2017         115         Stacy E.             Week 20

10/23/2017         894         Melvin S.            Week 21

10/30/2017         358         Bill K.                  Week 22

11/062017          996         Joyce J.              Week 23

11/13/2017         769         Curt L.                 Week 24

11/20/2017         184         Tony E.                Week 25

11/27/2017         265         Bill S.                  Week 26

12/04/2017         209         Steve S.              Week 27

12/11/2017         733         Patrick S.            Week 28

12/18/2017         842         Rob R.                Week 29

12/25/2017         918         Sam T.                Week 30

01/01/2018         780         Bob B.                Week 31

01/08/2018         884         Stacy E.              Week 32

Update as of May 2017:

The Ohio Valley Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has not currently sold all 500 tickets available for the 52 gun raffle. As a result, the start date for the raffle has been delayed until June 5.  The final day to purchase tickets will be June 4, 2017.  Current ticket holders can purchase an additional ticket for $50 for every full price ticket that they have previously purchased. The offer is the same for new ticket purchasers – 1/$100 or 2/$150. These will be sold on a first come first served basis.

To purchase, please contact Tamara Carr or any member of the Ohio Valley RMEF.  Tamara can be contacted at 812-454-1035 (voice/text) or Please leave a voicemail if you call.

Tickets can also be purchased at Red Ghost Gun Shop – please bring your original ticket stub(s) as proof of purchase to be eligible for the $50 offer.

Additionally, we regret to inform you that due to a learning with the Indiana Gaming Commission, we will be unable to utilize the Hoosier Lotto Pick 3 numbers to select our weekly raffle winners as planned. Instead, we will hold our own weekly Pick 3 style lottery. We will have 3 tumblers with balls numbered 0-9 in each tumbler (just like Hoosier Lottery). The weekly lottery drawing will be held at Red Ghost Gun Shop every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm. Anyone is welcome to attend. Each week we will film the drawing and circulate the video on Red Ghost’s Facebook page. Additionally, the winning numbers will be published weekly to Red Ghost’s website at weekly winner will be contacted promptly each week, so know that you will know when you win! We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and ensure you that we will use our learnings this year to improve upon this event in the future.

Thank you so much for your support for the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat, and our hunting heritage.

Tamara Carr
RMEF Ohio Valley Chapter